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Get Creative!

Discover the meditative qualities of working with clay.

The Potter's Guild is holding online workshops. Pick up materials at the Guild, and enjoy zoom classes with one of their awesome instructors.

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Winds of Change.JPG

Create a personal talisman to deepen your connection to Nature.

The illusionary connectedness of this digital era bombards us with artificial experiences and constant electronic chatter.  Suddenly we look up and it’s Spring and we failed to notice the Winter except perhaps to complain about the weather.  This workshop is a great way to quiet the noise and connect to something real.  It can help focus your thinking to make and to accept change or to gather strength to combat adversity. 

Join artist Laura Vernon Russell in specialized nature observation skills with ritualized doll-making. Natural objects collected with specific intent can personify qualities and ideas you wish to bring into your life.  

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