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The Magic of Making Art

My art is influenced by dreams, archetypes mysteries and enchantment. Sometimes I read a line of dialogue in a book, or overhear a scrap of conversation that sends me down the rabbit hole of ideas.


I know artists who map out exactly what they are doing from the initial concept through materials and construction, and I am constantly amazed by their processes. I tend to work the opposite way. Materials spark ideas for me. I may find a curved stick that suggests an animal, or fabric that simply must become something. I work in scrap wood, clay – both ceramic and others, found objects and fabric. Often it feels like the work creates itself, like magic flowing through my hands and becoming real.

I am always interested in learning new techniques, from kiln fired ceramic work and eco-printing, to basket making and embroidery techniques. Eventually everything I learn makes it into my art-making practice. 

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