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Priss  $675​ (local pickup only)


Priss was originally created for a show called "Changelings" that featured works from a number of artists, most made from altered dolls. She is a posable doll that I found doll at a thrift store, and as she evolved, including new hair and paint, she began to remind me of Priss from Blade Runner. Her legs are painted wood legs from an old side table, wings are made from a dismembered paper parasol, with the addition of old book pages. She carries a vintage purse on her tool belt and her red button baby boots belonged to my grandfather.

The horse/hare hybrid Priss rides started life as a rocking horse. He is covered with wool, padded here and there, and a halter was fashioned from tassel trim. 

Rocking Horse Base: 48 x 13" 

From floor to top of Priss's head: 38"

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