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Emotional Labor  $350

This piece is about how women do most of the emotional labor in our society. In this piece, the older woman exposes her heart and holds the sadness and anxiety of her world in her belly. She is slowly sinking into the base amid shattered mirrors and the feathers with which she once flew are slowly shedding with each burden she takes on. The second figure represents her fears and she is blindfolded in an effort to ignore them.

Figure: 14" to top of head; 11" front to back; 6" wide including feathers

Materials: Polymer clay head and hands, cut paper, dyed tissue paper, wool, mirror, moss, wood base


Creature: 18" tall; 13" front to back; 13" side to side of widest twig span

Materials in creature: sticks, walnut shell, wool sweater, sticks, yarn

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